About us

The Severn Salmon Anglers Conservation Association (SSACA) is  the representative body for salmon anglers within the Severn catchment.


The SSACA was formed at a meeting attended by representatives of angling clubs and salmon fisheries from as high up river as Newtown in mid Wales to Tewkesbury on the tidal reaches. It already has the full support of the major salmon fisheries and clubs on the river including two of the biggest angling clubs in the world: the Birmingham Anglers Association and the Prince Albert Angling Society.

The aims of the SSACA are:
  • To protect and conserve the Atlantic Salmon population of the River Severn
  • To promote the values of game angling
  • To provide a voice for salmon anglers in the management of the River Severn salmon fishery and to represent salmon angling interests in meetings and discussions with the Environment Agency.
At the meeting between the anglers and the EA, which was very ably chaired by Dan Kawczynski MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham and a PPS in DEFRA, it was agreed that in future the agency will meet with and consult the SSACA on matters relating to the salmon fishery.
The SSACA have elected an interim committee and officers.

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